How to Choose the Right Commercial Coffee Machine?


Whether you plan to open up your coffee shop or simply want to upgrade your coffee machine. You may be skeptical and wondering which commercial coffee machine is the right pick? It is essential for you to pick a coffee machine that is a good fit for your business. The option of machines is not one or two but abundant. 

This will put you in a position to think from a long list of options. With such a wide choice, it can be intimidating for you to make a decision. To make your research tasks easier, here is a list of things that can help you pick one. Dont know where to start from? Here’s a guide for you. 

Picking the right commercial coffee machine? 

Coffee machines are versatile pick and work for various spots like a restaurant, bakeries, cafe, hotels, showrooms, businesses places and even leisure centres. The quality design, innovative features can help brew some delicious coffee. So, choosing an ideal coffee machine has to be done through proper research, knowledge, and of course, based on your needs.  Business Volume: 

Think about the average number of people you are going to brew your coffee for. It is said to be the most important factor for picking coffee machines. If you believe a large group of people approach your store, a bigger, better and efficient machine should be picked. 

Usually, for commercial space, coffee machines are higher capacity ones, that can manage to brew a lot at once. High-capacity coffee machines are a perfect buy-out, they are also cost-effective since you need not have to invest again.

  1. Consistency: 

When it comes to quality, consistency plays a huge role. Deciding the machine that comes with automated features and program makes sense. It will ensure that the quality of your coffee is consistent throughout, so your regular customer will have the same taste. 

Automated and programmable water temperature, milk foaming, and shot length will deliver great consistency. Coffee that is easy to prepare and has all the automated features will produce good coffee.

  1. Ease to use

When you pick a commercial coffee machine, you need to have an easy to handle experience from it. Since you have a lot of people waiting for the coffee to be served, time is important. Automation and easy-flowing features will reduce your time and serve more cups. 

Also, don't forget to give importance to the hygiene of the product. You have to serve coffee that is authentic, and hygienic for your customers. The better the quality, the stronger results. 

  1. Ongoing Support

Once you have chosen your coffee machine, think about getting it installed. As it might need constant maintenance and support so think about this aspect too. Support doesn't end till the machine is installed. Full support should be provided by the coffee machine supplier who will ensure quality is standard. 

There are four options to pick from; 

  • Semi-automatic pressure ones are traditional filter machines. It allows the user to have good control and from grind to tamping. 

  • If you are looking for better consistency, along with speed, fully automated ones are the best. You will be able to work on the same quality, and flavor with flexibility. 

  • For a fantastic middle grounded coffee experience, a hybrid unit is amazing. This machine is automatic, and processes the coffee making entirely on its own. 

  • Pod machines are another great pick. The machine is growing in popularity, even though it is expensive. 

When looking for a commercial coffee machine, look for a perfect one that is fully feature-loaded. A machine that comes with lots of benefits and can also make a quicker brewing experience for you. 

Some of the much-needed features are self-service, hot water and a coin, and even a waiter system. Since in a commercial space, you will have to produce many liters of coffee, the good machine can ease up your tasks. 


Buying a coffee machine can be intimidating since you dont know how to pick one. But, with the list above, you can have clarity on making the right decision for you. Coffee machines are a great pick for your commercial business so think rational before picking one for you. 


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