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Which Coffee Machine is Best for Your Business

When it comes to a coffee shop, you might imagine two different pictures in your mind; one is of a large restaurant café with a great variety of coffee or a small café with a minimal variety. But if you want to open a coffee shop with a sound affordable budget and want to get a good profit, then it all depends on your investment in the coffee machine. Here you will get a good guide over choosing the best coffee machine for your business. Anatomy of a coffee machine Before choosing a coffee machine, it is important to know the machine terminology of a coffee machine. The coffee machine is not whole but a collaboration of different small parts like a basket for coffee brewing, boiler for storing water, burrs for grinding coffee beans, doser, gravimetric, grinder, heat exchanger, portafilter, steam wand, and volumetrics. These are the types of machinery that combine to build up a coffee machine. Things to consider while choosing an ideal coffee machine There are many coffee machines in th